Providing quality nutritious food is a challenge to growing population and reducing agricultural production.

Who else wants to be a millionaire in 2 years

Nguzo Africa is now clearing the last patch of Kenya's gold, Batian Coffee seedlings for planting this se

More than 70,000 children in Narok County at risk of permanent damage due to chronic malnutrition

Silas Tumpeine, Narok County Nutrition Officer giving his presentation during the County Steering Group Meeting held on 3rd October 2017

Hanging millions -You can earn Kshs.2.5 million annually from a 5 acre coffee estate

Dear Potential Coffee Farmer, 

For most potential coffee farmers, fear of the unknown is bad news - and with good reasons. 

Will smallholder ecosystem-based adaptation counter climate change and improve farm productivity?

United Nations is proposing use of traditional ways in agricultural production to counter climate change impact and improve food production. 

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