Take action to conserve environment, mitigate on climate change by use of solar and biogas, and rehabilitate of rangelands and threatened ecosystems.

Want to leave a legacy? plant a tree, plant trees

Want to leave an everlasting legacy in this world? Plant a tree. Plant trees.

Most leaders know it. They plant a tree whenever they open schools, dispensaries, road works and  other development works.

Make Kshs.3 million per acre in 3 years from commercial tree growing

Are you thinking on how to make money from your farm this year?

You should venture into commercial tree planting and become a millionaire in 3 years. 

I want to buy quality solar lanterns and solar home systems for my parents

It is time surprise your loved ones with quality solar lanterns and solar home systems.  

Save Kshs.100,000 per year by using biogas

How sweet is it to save Kshs.100,000 per year and discard use of charcoal, firewood and expensive LPG gas.In Kenya, an average household spends between Kshs.5,000 to 10,000 on energy per month.

Biogas is right here. 

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