Undertake advocacy, lobbying and campaigns  to influence economic, social, governance and environmental policies that impact on the lives of people in communities.

Recruiting of Theater Groups Narok County

Nguzo Africa empowers, connects and advocates for transformative governance and sustainable development for the prosperity of current and future generations.

10-point memorandum to the Task Force on Coffee Sub-Sector Reforms

On 3rd March 2016, President Uhuru Kenyatta appointed the Taskforce on Coffee Sub-Sector Reforms. By 24th March 2016, the task force should have come up with actionable solutions to revive coffee sub sector in Kenya.

5 simple ways to deliver the Coffee Taskforce report in 20 days

By Elizaphan Ogechi

What can one do in 20 days?

5 ways to get supporters and win 2017 elections with easy

Hey Mheshimiwa, are you getting scared of the upcoming 2017 elections? Then you will hate these statics. 


A 3 step formula to send your non performing MCA, MP, Senator and Governor home in 2017

We have formed a habit of complaining about our elected leaders. 

We hate and love them in equal measure. 

Every five years, at the pick of the campaigns, we forget so fast. We make the same old mistakes and elect bad leaders. We then quickly start the grumbling circus. 

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